3 Kisses: Cardboard Cutouts

3 Kisses party punk is a big metal pot of punk rock stew!

“Tish is a great performer! The band laid it down and the crowd loved it – fun, nasty and driving! Tish has it down – and the crowd response proves it…only band to get the crowd moshing! –Jeff Castelaz, Dangerbird Records

“Great hooks constitutes, great songs coupled with such charismatic energy, 3 Kisses got it going on big time!!!! It's just a matter of time and we all will be singing your songs around the world.” -Thomas “Mr. Brickhouse” McClary

“3 KISSES is fronted by the kinetic Tish Meeks who no guitar, mic stand or stage can contain. [This band] packs more energy into a 3-minute song than all the WMD's combined!” -Martin Folkman, Independent Music Awards


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